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The Color of 2014 and How Businesswoman Can Incorporate It Into Their Busy Lifestyle

 Did you know that every year there is a color designated as the color of the year?
Well, if you didn’t – I’m more than happy to give a girl a head’s up and help them when it comes to trends! The color is chosen by Pantone – the makers of the standard colors for paint. You know, those color strips you might see at a craft store or hardware store? In 2013, the color of the year was emerald. And the year before that? Tangerine!
So drumroll please!  

The color of 2014 is… Radiant orchid!

Now you may or may not know what radiant orchid looks like but if you need a frame of reference look no further than the Crayola box. In there you will find a rather similar color, give or take a few shades, by the name of Magenta.

Now a lot of businesswomen happen to also love fashion. How can we, as career driven, success-focused women still run a company, have a social life, while still keeping up with trends? It can get pretty exhausting, and frankly – some of us are more inclined to just ignore trends and simply wear neutral colors. (They never go out of style, right?)
In today’s article, I’m going to show you the three ways you can start incorporating radiant orchid into your everyday wardrobe so that you can keep on being fashion forward without giving yourself a headache!

A Radiant Orchid Blazer
What career-minded woman doesn’t own a blazer? I know I own about 4-5 of them – all in different colors and patterns. However, I know most of us businesswomen tend to stick to neutral tones – black, navy, gray, etc. – for fear of causing waves in the business world.  
However, if you love taking risks and aren’t afraid of wearing bright colors, then a radiant orchid blazer will very much suit your needs, personality and style. This look is still classy and stylish, while allowing you to still rock and be a leader.

Radiant Orchid Manicure.
Self-care is so important for us busy, on-the-go women. We tend to give so much of ourselves to others and whatever is left – we finally give to ourselves. It doesn’t have to be this way! You can indulge yourself in weekly self-care practices without breaking the bank or feeling guilty! And now, you can even be on trend when you do it!

Now if you are a little frightened at the idea of wearing such a bright and bold color – this look is definitely for you. This allows you to still keep up with the trend, brighten up your mood, and incorporate a self-care routine – all in one!

A Radiant Orchid Trench coat
 If you’re anything like me, you are not afraid of change – but you have a hard time sticking to one thing. It works great for business because you never see failure as the end; you see it as a stepping-stone for bigger and better things.

A radiant orchid trench coat is a great go-to look for the woman who is constantly a lover of all black everything, and doesn’t like to commit to the latest trends. This trench coat could be the pop of color you’re looking for – especially if you love being able to take it off and put it on whenever you’d like.

Well there you have it ladies – some quick and easy ways to incorporate the 2014 color of the year. Of course, there are many ways to use this color – but these quick tips will get you started, lead you in the right direction, and keep you on-trend no matter your schedule!

Shamia Casiano

Shamia Casiano is a Relationship & Dating Consultant who helps smart, successful single women stop dating + attracting bad boys, cheaters, men who are emotionally unavailable and are unwilling to commit. She is the author of The Single Lady’s Manifesto: 5 Dating Rules You Can Stop Following. She lives in New Jersey with her nerdy + journalist husband, Elliott, and their 3 year-old doggy named Lucky. http://shamiacasiano.com/services/mentorship-program/

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