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Pink Cotton-Candy Place of Peace

Along this journey I have been fortunate to rise from what I call my 30 Years of Darkness into the Light of Consciousness. Upon looking back from here, with over 6 decades behind me now, I can see clearly that Spirit has always been with me, guiding me to where I am today as I finally sit comfortably in the armchair of my life…with Spirit. Life, however, had not always seemed so divinely guided.

The past was filled with failed relationships, one after the other. Over and over again, I started over again! I lost count of the number of relationships that I would end because of some form of abuse or transgression. Following the end of my last relationship in 1999, I planted my feet firmly on the ground and vowed that I wouldn’t move another inch until I found a better way to do my life. What happened next would count as a miracle. I called it my Pink Cotton Candy Place of Peace…because I had absolutely no idea what else to call it. This is how it happened.

My last ex-husband, out of the blue one night in 1999, decided to bounce me down the hall, choke me and literally scare me half to death. Later, as I lay huddled in my bed shaking and cold from shock, I made a promise that not only would I leave him and our successful business, but I would not take another step until I understood what I kept doing wrong to warrant such consequence. I was not a doormat, and no one got away with taking advantage of me without retaliation. I was out of there, and he could suffer the consequences of his choices too. To my surprise, one of our business associates said to me after I announced that I was leaving, “You’re taking this entirely too serious, aren’t you?”

Several weeks later and just prior to moving day, this same associate and his wife, whom I had also employed at one point as my assistant, booked an appointment to see me. I was suspicious about the topic of conversation, but I went ahead anyway. They arrived and I escorted them into the meeting room. Sitting across the room from me, they began to send a barrage of comments directly at me.

I, contrary to what you might think, sat there in peaceful bliss. My peripheral vision was almost hazy. The sound of their voices was muffled and I felt as though I were inside a protective bubble. I was totally safe and sound, and there wasn’t an angry bone in my body. And, no one could have been more surprised at this than me. I smiled and nodded. Now and then I’d say something like, “I see,” or some such ordinary platitude. When they ran out of steam, we stood up, made our way to the door where we hugged and smiled and said goodbye. They left all happy and certain, I suppose, that they had made the intended impression upon me.

I closed the door and made my way to my desk where I plopped down and said out loud, “What on earth just happened!?” Then, and very obviously, I wondered if I could go back there to that incredible place intentionally, whenever I wanted to, because that was one wonderful place to be. I ended up calling it my Pink Cotton Candy Place of Peace: Pink because of the gentleness, Cotton Candy because it reminded me of how safe I always felt as a child, and Peace, well, that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Today, this experience sits as just one of the many miracles in my life that had direct ties to Spirit. It’s interesting how clear hindsight can be especially the more years there are laid out behind me. I can now visualize the guidance of Spirit throughout my whole life and how no less than six miracles would speak so very loudly of Spirit, and how deaf I had been to its voice.

It was only as I chose to awaken to the Truth, to journey to within where all the Truths are kept in secret, that I have gained a strong and fundamental connection with Spirit today. Spirit is what fills me up, fulfills my heart and allows me to experience its Grace and Wisdom. Spirit is what my entire journey has been all about, and I am blessed to have finally stood still long enough for Spirit to catch up with me.

I send Blessings that you may stand still for the same reason.

Rev. Faye Thornton, M.Msc

Faye is an Ordained Minister, holds a Masters and is working toward her doctorate in Transpersonal Counseling. With 50 years in the workplace, she has a wide variety of skills and experiences ranging from repairing bath tubs to being the CEO of her own corporation. Faye’s understanding of the power of Spirit has come exclusively from a very personal and natural connection to the Life Force Energy within that she now knows everyone has access to. Her mission is to spread her knowledge of how basic, simple and powerful the journey to Spirit can be. Spirit: pure, Sacred and Divine essence within each living being. www.ecentialcenter.com

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