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Pamper Yourself with the Latest Trends

Photo for Pamper article - Feb issueValentine’s Day just passed, and hopefully you were showered with love from your partner if in a relationship. However, I want you to focus on another relationship, and that is loving yourself. I think now is a great time to focus on pampering ourselves. I want you to realize how wonderful you are, in case you don’t already know. Make a list of compliments for yourself or self-affirmations and read it daily. Ask others what they think are your greatest attributes to get your list started. Don’t get caught up thinking that the littlest traits don’t matter. They do. They’re a part of you! You are fantastic!

Now let’s focus on beauty on the outside with these wardrobe tips. Treat yourself and go get a few needed items for your closet. This way you can walk out of the house feeling fabulous and confident. I will provide suggestions, and you can vary this based on what you already have in your closet and your needs. You should add either that special something to your wardrobe that can make your classic pieces pop, or get a needed staple item.

When shopping, the most important thing you can do is listen to yourself and tune out all other voices, even your own negative voice inside your head.  Wearing what you love and what appeals to you regardless of dress code at work or anyone else’s expectations of you is the only way for you to find your true personal style. There is a difference between wearing what you love and dressing for your body type – but they often coincide.   You will want to wear what compliments your figure as well. You can slowly build up to being the bolder version of you. Start with a bright necklace or bright shirt topped by a blazer. Take baby steps if you have to, but push the limits and get out of your comfort zone because amazing things just might happen. There is nothing more beautiful then a woman with confidence. If you are nervous wearing a new blouse that you love and it hasn’t been your style, tell yourself to feel confident and pretty. Remember to keep it classy and make sure it fits you properly. And classy doesn’t mean plain; it just means to do everything with a hint of sophistication. You can be fashion forward and sexy without being too risqué.

Classic Piece – When purchasing your classic pieces, fit and quality are so important because you want to wear them again and again. You can pair them with the fad items in season now for a pulled-together look. You should have a black dress, blazer, tights, dress pants, dark blue jeans, pencil skirt and an A-line skirt in your closet. You can pair these items with different tops and bottoms to balance your look. Of course you can have a few dresses and they don’t have to be black. Neutrals can even include a deep purple or small prints as long as you can pair them with other colors and pieces in your wardrobe. Customize your looks to your lifestyle; figure out where and when you will wear these clothes most. Don’t forget to dress up sometimes, because it can be so much fun to be a lady.

Spring Trends – The trends are so easy to incorporate this coming season – so be courageous and use them in new ways. Dig out your pieces from the back of the closet and pair them with new items.

Black and White – Black and white is hanging around and it is such an easy trend for everyone. You can even color block your look by throwing on a white shirt with a black open blazer on top. Add a Statement necklace in any color and you’ll achieve instant fabulousness.

Metallic’s – Who doesn’t love a little sparkle sometimes? Now you can add some metallic clothing to your wardrobe instead of relying on jewelry for all the bling. Just pair a metallic garment with something basic if you don’t want to be too flashy.

Soft Pink – This soft pink shade will look great with neutrals or bold colors. It is so pale that you can experiment and pair it with a deep purple or a bright turquoise.

Pop Art – Pop art inspiration is all over the runway for spring weather in a kaleidoscope of colors or through a graphic like the skirt with the bridge. So add some colorful jewelry or clothing to your looks. Color your spring and summer into wonderful memories.

Crystal Lynn Perez

Crystal Lynn Perez is a Fashion Designer and Image Consultant. You can learn more about fashion/beauty at Crystal’s website http://glamdesigns.wix.com/makeoverThe right fashion can empower a woman to achieve greatness and beauty in all areas of life. Email Crystal at glamdesigns@yahoo.com

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