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My Inspirational Weight loss Story

Here goes…

My weight loss of 12 stones (168 LB) started at the age of 22 years old.

My partner and I had been invited to a very prestigous event and I really needed something a bit special to wear. Whilst my weight had not seemed to have bothered me prior to this, this was the moment when the reality of being unable to get something to wear hit me smack in the face. I was at that time a size 24 dress uk . I had to do something so I joined a local weight watchers group and in 17 months I lost 7 stones in weight (98LB). I kept this off for almost 5 years until 1996 when I got married. Two weeks prior to my wedding, my father became suddenly ill and had to be taken into the hospitial for major surgery with a 20 percent chance of pulling through. It was a terrible time for all our family and friends. I was 2 weeks away from the happiest day of my life and this came out from nowhere. The wedding went ahead despite my father being in hospital critically ill and knowing we could lose him at anytime. I went to see my father on my Wedding Day in my wedding gown but he was on
a life support machine, very ill and didn’t know I was there. Somehow I really wanted him to know I was there beside him holding his hand wishing he would open his eyes, tears just slowly trickled down my cheeks.

After 7 months in hospital my father sadly passed away in November 1996. Prior to his death I had no idea the impact it would have on me going forward. Whilst he was very ill, I tried to keep things together the best I could at the time for my Mum and the rest of our family and friends. The wedding had also kept me pre occupied.

It wasn’t until a good few months later that the lost of my father hit me. I started to eat emotionally and all the hard work of keeping my weight down went totally out the window. I just took the brakes off! Within a short period of time, I had put back on 5 stones (70 lbs) in weight.

I couldn’t believe I was back to where I had been at the age of 22 years old. I then realised the journey I was about to take, once again, was going to be the hardest one of my life.

To keep me focused on achieving my long term goal of losing 5 stones (70LB), I knew I had to break it down into medium and short term goals. To keep me on track I started to sign up to charity events in order to have a goal to keep me committed and focused. Whilst I have been reasonably active even when I was 21 stones (294 lbs.) in weight, I knew my fitness, along with my diet, needed to be addressed if I was to succeed. I started to take regular exercise walking, swimming,cycling and kick boxing. When I reached a mile stone of losing a stone (14 lbs.) in weight, I would treat myself to something like a new handbag, piece of jewelery or a pamper day.

I have supported many charity organisations over the years. However, the one I am most passionate about is Weston Park Cancer Hospital in Sheffield, United Kingdom. I have been a supporter for over 20 years and through participating in a variety of fitness activites while on my weigh loss journey, I have raised over £20,000 (the equivalent of over $33,600) for them. Weston Park Cancer Hospital is one of only four specialist cancer hospitals in England and treats over 60,000 patients every year.The hospital is respected internationly as a centre of excellence for the treatment of cancer and pioneering resarch. I have had the privilage to meet Jessica Ennis-Hill (Track and Field Olympic Gold Medalist – London, 2012). Jess is a patron of the hospital and a local girl from Sheffield, my home town.

At every milestone, I kept telling myself, “I can do this” and thought about when I had done this before and what things had kept motivated,focused and determined to succeed in the past.
It took me almost 2 years to reach my target weight and to get my weight, fitness and health to the place I wanted it to be. I have maintained this now for over 5 years.

I am the healthiest I have every been and I look and feel great!

My weight loss journey has now take a different route for me. I am very passionate about supporting others and I decided to become a life coach 12 months ago. I set up my business CLARITY IN MIND at Deborahcundy.com so I can help others in their journey. I hope you find my personal story interesting, up lifting but most of all that it you realise that you can change your life for the better while also giving back to your community.

Deborah Cundy

Debbi Cundy is a Business Woman, Life Coach from the United Kingdom. Visit her website at: Deborahcundy.com

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