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Dress Yourself Thinner

Summertime is almost here and while some of us are so excited to trade in our snow boots for short skirts, a few of you may not be ready to show more skin. Vacations, going to the beach or amusement parks are all fun things to do in the summer so relax and enjoy by using these tips to look thinner in less clothing.

Quick Tips:

  • Nude heels will elongate the legs; it’s best to find a pair closest to your skin color.
  • Dressing in a monochromatic look from head to toe will slim you.
  • Get a bra fitting, because when the girls sit in their upright position you will look instantly thinner.
  •  Many women are not wearing the correct bra size so get a fitting just in case.
  • Do choose tummy control swimsuits and wear shape wear underneath to smooth you out if needed for certain outfits.

The two most important things when dressing are fit and balance:

When it comes to fit it needs to be the correct size and that does not mean a certain number. Try on a few sizes next time you shop, clothing should not cling to you or be baggy usually. You will look thinner if they do not do either. A form-fitting garment should hug your curves not stick to your skin. If a garment is baggy in only a certain area have it tailored for you, especially with high quality pieces. Move around in the fitting room, sit down and bend over to ensure proper fit. How many times have you seen a women’s butt hanging out when she bends over? You don’t want that to be you. You can be sexy or conservative while maintaining proper fit.

You should also make sure your look is balanced from head to toe. Wearing a huge tent-like dress you get lost in is not flattering neither is stuffing yourself like a sausage into clothes that are too tight. What asset do you love about your body? Show that part off. An easy way to do this is to wear a dark color over the area you wish to downplay while wearing a bright color, print, or embellished details over the body part you love. You can also wear a more form-fitting pant or skirt to show off your fabulous butt or legs while wearing a looser styled top and vice versa. Fit and flare is a good rule to use to keep things balanced. However do keep in mind your own body shape and wear what compliments you best.

Define the smallest part of you either at your natural waist or empire waist. Details like in dress 1, which has a printed waistband will work or add a belt.

Do you love your upper half? Dress 5 really draws the eye up to the black fabric while the pleating can cover up your lower half without making it too bulky. The same applies for dress 7 and 4. Except, the skirt on dress 4 is a fuller skirt then the pleated.

Hide a little belly bulge with an empire waist like dress 6.

Create or enhance an hourglass figure with the printed lines in dress 1 and 3.

Dress 2 will hide your butt while fitting to the rest of you. It’s a bright and flirty look for summer.

Hopefully, you will play around with different shapes, sizes and proportions the next time you shop or are sorting through your own closet. Always wear what you love and makes you feel good. Feeling good has nothing to do with being skinny and wearing a certain size clothing. Women of all shapes and sizes can love the skin they are in and beam like the summer sun when they walk out the door. Be confident, love and celebrate you. You only have one life, go live it to the fullest.

Crystal Lynn Perez

Crystal Lynn Perez is a Fashion Designer and Image Consultant. You can learn more about fashion/beauty at Crystal’s website http://glamdesigns.wix.com/makeoverThe right fashion can empower a woman to achieve greatness and beauty in all areas of life. Email Crystal at glamdesigns@yahoo.com

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