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Bluetooth and Me – Not a Winning Combination!

As the “Technology Immigrant”, I have a confession to make and part of it is due to the aging process – Bluetooth’s and I are not a winning combination. It’s not what you think so let me explain. I am a “Technology Immigrant” by virtue of birth. (I have to thank my friend, Asake Jones for giving me this new title.) “Generation Y” (those born 1980 – 2000) and “Generation Z” (those born 2000 – Present) are the “Technology Natives” because they grew up with it. Those of my generation are called “Technology Immigrants” because technology is new to us.

But let’s get back to the Bluetooth. I love my Bluetooth because it frees up my hands. I am very conscious of the need to not to be distracted while driving. I cringe every time I pass a driver merrily talking with their hand held phone. You’ve seen these drivers, they think they are the world’s best, but they can barely make a lane change. Try watching a driver of a tractor trailer turn a corner while holding their cell phone. I want to shout, “Get a Bluetooth and keep both hands on the wheel!”

I’m not even going to mention driving while texting! I’ve seen and heard enough reports of that danger. And forgive me for having a “Logic Attack”, but how can anyone think they can drive without their eyes on the road?! PULL OVER IF IT’S THAT IMPORTANT!

So let’s get back to the Bluetooth and me. The real reason the Bluetooth and I don’t get along is because they can be easily lost, misplaced and/or hidden, especially because most of them are black. My ears, like most of me, are small, so it’s hard to get one that fits in my ear comfortably. A loose fitting Bluetooth can find its way to the back seat of my car after a sharp turn or in the winter, because of the hat or coat I’m wearing.

I thought about attaching it to a string like the ones we use on children’s mittens and lo and behold, I got one! My new smartphone has earphones with an attached wire. Unfortunately, they were ear buds that fit inside the ear, and I was right back to where I started, they didn’t fit.

One day, while in a discount store, I decided to see if they had any Bluetooths. Another aspect of our shaky relationship is cost. I’ve seen them priced from $30.00 up to a couple of hundred dollars. With improved technology, they too have improved, hence the greater expense. But the idea of something so expensive being lost so easily doesn’t sit well with me. But I still won’t drive without one.

So when I found a Bluetooth in the discount store for $5.00, I was ecstatic but cautious. I bought one, gave it a test drive and it worked! It worked well enough that I bought 2 more and promptly lost both. Somewhere, somehow, I believe someone is trailing me like a bird after bread crumbs to gather up all the lost ones!

I decided that losing a Bluetooth at $5.00 beats losing them at $30.00, so I went back but the only ones the store had left were neon pink or green. I’m not a fashionista, but having a bright pink Bluetooth in my ear was not going to work. I went back to the original store to purchase my conservative black one but they were all out and only had the neon green ones. I caved. I bought and wore the neon green Bluetooth.

Now the lesson “You get what you pay for” awaited me. One of the things I’ve learned about a Bluetooth is their compatibility with your phone. But it’s like buying a new car; you don’t realize all the new convenient accessories until you’re introduced to them. Instant connectivity of the Bluetooth to the phone was one of those. The green $5.00 model didn’t offer such a feature, which is probably why it was only $5.00!

So I opened my wallet, bought a newer Bluetooth with instant connectivity and I try my best to keep up with it while facing the fact that a Bluetooth and me, we are not a winning combination!

Bea Joyner

Bea Joyner, CEO of Busy As A Bea Productions, LLC currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania teaching a variety of parenting and self-esteem seminars based on her writings. Author of “Don’t Need No Soaps, My Life Is Soap Enough!” and “A Taste of Things To Come”, Ms. Joyner is one of only four African-American domestic humor writers in the United States and she is listed in “Literary Divas – The Top 100 + Most Admired African American Women in Literature.” www.busyasabeaproductions.com

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