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Find your Soulmate Workout

So you can get or stay in shape this summer

Summer is here, and although it can be very tempting to skip your workout in order to hit the beach, you realize that without your workout you may not look so great in your summer attire. But it’s challenging to stick with a workout when happy hour is calling. Where does your workout fit in? If you want to stick to your workout routine, it’s imperative to find a workout you love and will WANT to continue long term even when all the social event invitations are coming your way! For most, it’s a daunting task to navigate through the gym. The group fitness schedule can also be overwhelming and intimidating to find the class or workout that feels just right for you and your schedule. To help you find your soulmate workout, we’ve created 8 personality traits with matching workouts to make it easier to explore what may be best suited for you – your Soulmate Workout.

Are you bored easily?
Does the thought of spending 20 minutes on the treadmill sound as appealing as a root canal? Stay away from monotonous forms of exercise like the treadmill or riding the bike. What you may find more exciting is working out with a friend. You can help motivate each other during your workout while catching up on the latest gossip. If you don’t have a friend with a similar schedule or goals, then hiring a personal trainer will help keep you motivated and on track. If money is an issue, combine the two with small group training. The cost for hiring the trainer is split between you and your friends affording you the expertise and the added motivation of having a trainer while saving money and being with friends.

Do you crave order and routine in your life?
Group exercise classes are definitely the best place for you to find the structure and order you enjoy. A Body Pump class will give you a full body workout in a very structured way and the instructors will provide you with modifications and corrections so your form is impeccable. You will leave a one-hour class with a complete full body strength-training program complete with a stretch.

Do you hate to sweat?
Pilates is the place for you. Schedule a private session with the reformer or try a mat class and get an amazing sculpted body without doing an endless amount of repetitions. Let the instructor guide you using control and focus to get the benefits you desire without all the sweat.

Is your life a reality TV show?
Just got in a fight with your boyfriend? Stressed about workplace politics? You may be able to unleash all the conflict in your life with a Body Combat, Tae Bo or Kickboxing class. Throwing a few kicks or punches at that imaginary target just may unleash your pent up aggressions in a healthy way.  

Are you creative?
Be careful of very structured workouts. Being told what to do in classes like spinning or boot camps would likely squash your spirit. You crave self-expression and desire the freedom to move as you feel – so a Red Hot Dance Fitness or Zumba class would be the best fit to liberate your soul.
Do you strive for perfection?

Maybe you are a numbers person. If you enjoy analyzing your workouts and feel exhilarated to see progress, training for a race could keep you committed to your workout routine. For runners/walkers you can pick from a variety of small races like a 5k all the way up to a full marathon. You can also pick from adventure races, mud runs and triathlons for those looking for a little more variety. You can set up a training program for your event. Track your progress and enjoy the rewards at your big event. You can even use software applications to make record keeping simple, easy and portable.

Are you a homebody?
Do you hate crowds? Does the thought of stepping into a crowded gym cause you to break into a sweat? You may be best suited to workout in the privacy of your home. Try a workout DVD or use Kinect and Wii Fit to get a workout with a variety of programs available. There are also a plethora of online workouts available that you can view from any of your devices.

Do you have a competitive streak?
If you enjoy the thrill of competition a sports league will be the perfect place to shine.  Check to see if your area has any sports leagues you can join. Many cities offer you the ability to play softball, football, kickball, and even playground Olympics all while meeting others who share your interest.  Get a great workout while showing off your competitive edge.

What’s YOUR workout personality? Find the workout you love and you will likely stick with it and see the results you desire.

Christine Gallagher DeFilippis

Christine Gallagher DeFilippis is a fitness and dance expert, choreographer, writer, national presenter and the creator of Red Hot Dance Fitness. Formally trained in NYC and Philadelphia, she danced competitively with the nationally ranked NCAA Temple University Diamond Gems while an undergrad pursuing a Journalism degree and is now the Head Coach for the La Salle Dance team. A certified ACE and AFAA group exercise instructor and continuing education provider, she holds over 20 specialized certifications in a variety of formats.  Selected as Best of Philly 2013 (Philadelphia Magazine), Christine and her programs have been featured on 6ABC, CBS.com, Main Line Today, Moxie Magazine, IDEA Health & Fitness, PhillyFit Magazine, BlogTalkRadio, The Nest, FTNS radio and more. IN January 2012 Christine was also featured on the popular radio show “Women to Watch”.

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